Tips  for Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfits


Top tips for Shopping for your mother of the bride/groom outfit.


When it comes to buying a mother of the bride or mother of the groom outfit it can be tricky working out where to start. Many questions are probably running through your mind. What style is appropriate? What colour should i wear? should I wear a hat or a fascinator?

We know that all proud mums want to look their best on such a special day, so we've compiled the best tips for mother of the bride/Groom outfits to help out

  • Get Inspired

Before going shopping do some research, look online to see what you may like and what may be available.

  • Consult with the Bride

I would suggest initially having a discussion with the bride, and the other mother to find out their ideas about formality, styling ,themes and color. Keep the brides thoughts in mind, but ultimately you will be wearing this outfit and you need to feel comfortable and be happy.

  • Shop for day to night

It is a good idea to buy an outfit  that will sit for both the wedding ceremony and later into the night for the reception. Unless you intend to change into another outfit, it is a good option to purchase a  dress and jacket. Wear the jacket over the dress for the ceremony and then take the jacket off for a fresh look into the evening.

  • Consider the time of year

Depending on where the wedding is being held and what time of year, the weather will play a significant part in what outfit you choose.  If you live where  the climate can change at the drop of a hat, you may need that jacket just in case, even in summer.

  • Buy the right size

It can be tempting to buy a size smaller , thinking that you will lose that extra few kilos, but why put yourself through that extra pressure. If you want to lose weight, buy a dress that fits at the time it can be altered closer to the wedding, but it will not normally be possible to let out.


TIP: Select an outfit that is comfortable
– not too tight as you will be wearing it
for many hours

  • *

    For The curvier Figure,

    you should make sure the jacket is not too short but covers your hips to create a longer silhouette.

  • *

    If you are petite,

    then a more fitted shorter jacket can look stunning and will extenuate your trim figure.

  • *

    A long jacket

    worn over a straight dress is flattering for just about every type of figure, and is brilliant for disguising a larger bottom or thick waist.

  • *

    A Sleeveless shift dress with a jacket

    is always a popular choice because you can take the jacket off later in the evening when things begin to warm up.
    Take along a matching wrap to cover your shoulders if you are self-conscious about your upper arms. Alternatively, select an outfit with a short-sleeved dress and jacket. We have many alternatives in our store.

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    How to look your best.

    You will want to look elegant, and slightly understated, rather than trendy. Make sure your outfit doesn’t clash with the brides outfit or with what the other mother is wearing.


TIP: Try to match your shoes and bag -

this gives a total elegant look

  • *

    Choose your outfit,

    in a colour that suits your hair and your complexion. Keep in mind the colours of the other people in the bridal party, but you have to be happy with the final look and not everyone suits the colours that are suggested by our Brides.

  • *


    for those who wish to wear a hat, select one that complements your outfit. Make sure is is worn on the crown not on the back of your head. Many ladies opt for a fascinator rather than a hat, one that either fits in with the colours of your outfit or your accessories.

  • *

    Wear comfortable shoes

    and choose a complementary hand bag. There is no need to try to match all your accessories perfectly, this can look too contrived. Make sure your stockings are not too dark and complement the colour of your outfit.

  • *


    with classic jewellery and simple make-up.

  • *

    And Finally.

    Try on the whole ensemble before the wedding and ask a friend to take a photograph, so you can see the final effect and make any adjustments if necessary in plenty of time.